Born in Burma, Channa Udayaprema Wijewardena, spent his childhood in England. He has put his own stamp to Sri Lankan dancing through innovation, improvisation and improvement in rhythm. His initiation into drama came from Chitrasena and Vajira.

Ravibandu Vidyapathi is the eldest son of Somabandu Vidyapathi, the pioneering artiste for costume designing on the Sinhala stage. Drawing inspiration from his father, Ravibandu has added a new dimension to Sri Lankan dancing and drumming.
Putting his own stamp on the short operas in Sri Lanka, he expanded rhythm and orchestration. With creativity and research he was able to take his creations to the stage outside Sri Lanka.

Jude Neil Sriyantha Mendis has made his presence felt on the stage, television and cinema drawing immense enjoyment from all three media. He started his artistic career with a drama based on his village and wished to go no further than the enjoyment he derived from the production.

Well known in art circles Konganige Joseph Malsy Jackson Anthony started his career as a teacher. His introduction to drama came to him in school which he sharpened and polished subsequently while being in the University.

Henry Nissanka Diddeniya lovingly addressed in art circles as ‘Diga’ gets the introduction to stage drama through Prof.Ediriweera Saratchandra. At that time he was an Arts Graduate.
Acting in well known dramas like Sinhabahu, Maname, Mahasara, Pemato Jayati Soko, Gajaman Puwatha, Padmawathi, Sirisangabo, Tharavo Igelethi, Rattaran Rathu Hettakari he has been on stage for 39 years.

Creative Arts are paramount in nourishing the spirit – the inner thinking of the people of any country. My personal view is that there is a wealth of peoples thinking behind our traditional folk art, as well as sacrificial offerings/rituals performed in honour of an array of unseen celestial and other worldly beings of varying stature.

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